ROTATOR Tour full Script for the tour of ROTATOR by Michael O’Rourke, Jeffrey Jerome Cohen, Niamh Moriarty and Ruth Clinton

Colossal Thesis Adventure 20000 MA Art in the Contemporary World Thesis 2012

Cosmic Scrabble Drawing 2012

A description of an auto-antonymic game of cosmic scrabble

A Response to Christian Marclay’s ‘The Clock’ 2011

This response to “The Clock” is in the form of a voice-over made from fragments of other voice-overs from various films. It seeks to inhabit the work by becoming a mimetic commentary on, and an imagined narration by, “The Clock” itself. This text was originally performed as a slide show for a class presentation.

Review of Ciarán Walsh’s ‘this brief visual pattern’ at Pallas Projects, Dublin 2011


Texts by other people:

Review of ROTATOR by Suzanne Walsh in Critical Bastards Magazine



‘Wine Soak No.8: ROTATOR’ by Jakob Ligvine Kreek



‘What’s the point of pointless art? Art that isn’t good for anything can often be very good indeed’ by Gemma Tipton in the Irish Times





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