Contextomy brings together the work of ten recent Fine Art graduates, spanning contemporary drawing, print, installation and video. The works displayed in the show are the results of ideas conceived, developed and exhibited within a shared college environment.

In their second installation, the work is revised and elements are altered so that it may adapt to the current gallery space within the public domain. It is this recontextualization of the work that is the exhibition’s focus point. In the derivation from its original setting, the work undergoes a transformation that opens up potentialities for new interpretation or indeed risks being lost in its translation.


Chloe Brenan
Grace Campion
Ruth Clinton
Mice Hell
Ruth Kelly
Ann-Marie Lynch
Vera McEvoy
Anja Mahler
Niamh Moriarty
Chanelle Walshe

~ by Ruth A Clinton on February 1, 2011.

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