NCAD Degree Show 2010

Organ Transplants

Through drawing, sound, video and performance, my practice explores ideas of dust and noise. The two terms are allowed to overlap and interchange, using one to describe the other in an effort to collapse the distinction between word and meaning and to emphasise the intangible nature of both phenomena. The work is concerned with exploring the borders between the internal and the external, the visible and the invisible, the living and the dead. I am interested in our relationship with history and, through an engagement with places of historical or spiritual interest, I attempt to exorcise feelings of melancholy and nostalgia.

Within this body of work, I imagine boundaries both physical and metaphorical to be as a skin or membrane and seek to examine the disintegration of that tissue. Floating motes of dust become noise in the signal, creating a nebulous, suffocating interference in meaning.


~ by Ruth A Clinton on June 19, 2010.

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